Alternative Life

Alternative life matches the choices I made with my boyfriend of 25yrs, which was to position ourselves so we can live this life together as 1. Having a 1 or soulmate, is important in both the long and short term of life, as life will throw you curveballs and as 1 you deal with them which forms integrity, truth and trust. This forms an incredible strength between two people who have a vision of where they head in life no matter the obstacles or who criticises due to lack of understanding or modern upgrade in thinking.

As they say, you only live once so live life to the fullest. Well, exploration in life is number one on the list, at least to me. Most people never get an opportunity to really live the way they want. Expectations of others are always a determining factor in how people's lives are shaped. I believe this causes missed chances to experience a different aspect of life.

Throughout the past years, the life that most average people "understood" or were used to, is school, marriage, house, kids; specifically between man and woman.  Today, this definition does not hold true for every person mainly due to the internet opening gateways to exploring various facets of life. Nothing is strange or weird anymore. In the past one was always judged by their outer appearance, this defined a person; by society. Today, the alternative life, could be compared in some ways to the single life, no kids, no house mortgage minimum commitment, has somehow integrated itself into mainstream life.

For me this life is my definition of gothic life, which signifies one word "rebel” "opposite" and "acceptance" not caring what is socially acceptable by society. There are those who are envious of people who have the freedom to express their true nature. Others secretly compare to what they wish they could have and in some instances live double lives; which is hypocrisy at best.

The online presence has become a key factor in life today, since that's how people formulate opinions and its important to project the right ones. Social media became a beacon that gives a glimpse into a person, it mind shapes personality.

In conclusion, its like watching a live neverending series about people. When you actually meet a person you already have an idea of who they are.


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